Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour Teacher Training

October 2019 – April 2020

Swan and Nancy Frohlick (co-facilitator) are really excited to launch The Path Yoga Centre’s Teacher Training. Together, we are deeply inspired to bring you this life-changing journey of entering the self through yoga. Our training empowers you to discover the unique and purposeful life that is yours alone. To take the journey is to walk a path of transformation. We are not focused solely on the destination, though you will receive all the important tools and necessary accreditations to teach, our highest purpose is to create the conditions for your biggest, most beautiful self-aware and connected life.
Take the first step.

Our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training meets, yet exceeds standards set out by the Yoga Alliance to ensure you the highest educational standards of quality, integrity and professionalism.

Your choice to enroll in our program will be the beginning of a powerful and transformative experience. We are comitted to bringing you the best of the ancient and rich yogic tradition while introducing and integrating exciting revolutions in contemporary yoga practice.

Your personal journey is the unfolding center of our training. The foundational development of your practice is rooted in the discipline of asana, but includes meditation, somatic meditation, pranayama or breathwork, dharmic principles, yogic philosophy and skillful sequencing. We provide a strong foundation of anatomical principles rooted in the newest science of tensegrity. This will ensure your practice is safe and sustainable over a lifetime.

Our training at The Path Yoga Center fosters and supports self-inquiry. We believe your body holds unique wisdom gathered over your lifetime. With our support and the guidance of our expert and experienced teachers we will facilitate your connection to this inner source to empower and activate your own authentic teaching voice.

In a world of increasing isolation, division and lack of strong familial or community bonds The Path Yoga Center is committed to ideals grounded in and aligned with the healing necessity of belonging. We at The Path, our Sangha and our guest mentor/teachers share this understanding and are here to provide ongoing support and community for your life journey. We are a studio of acceptance and inclusion.

We want you to complete our training confident not only in your gained practical skills and teaching tools, but feel empowered and enlivened by your personal transformations. Our school schedule is designed for flexibility to fit your life.

Why The Path?

  • We are a studio of acceptance and inclusion.
  • We firmly center you and your life-journey.
  • We ensure a strong foundation of anatomical principles grounded in the newest science of Biotensegrity to keep your practice safe and sustainable over a lifetime.
  • The physical space of The Path is a crucible holding the individual practice in the power of collective experience.
  • The container of this training is skillfully supported by the combined wisdom of two senior teachers, Swan and Nancy, including carefully selected guest teachers.

Our Curriculum

  • The Art of Teaching
  • Asana
  • Sequencing
  • The Dharma of Yoga
  • Biotensegrity of Anatomy
  • Yogic History and Philosophy
  • Buddhist principles of teaching
  • Teacher/Student relationship
  • The Business of Yoga
  • Somatic Meditation
  • Meditation
  • Ethics


Principal Teachers

Swan is the founder and director of The Path Yoga Centre in Vancouver. She draws on over 30 years of studies in Western and Eastern practices and philosophies. Swan’s teachings of Yoga and Meditation have created a strong learning environment for her students. Her teachings of the asana practice integrate the application of Biotensegrity, which evokes ease and stillness in the movement, while also incorporating the mental and the spiritual realms of practice

Nancy Frohlick has been immersed in yoga for the past 27 years. She completed her first yoga teaching certification in 2000 and has continued to study with many local and international teachers ever since. Besides teaching private and public yoga classes, Nancy has owned her own yoga studio and lead yoga retreats and teacher training’s all over the world. Yoga is her life path and she loves to share this passion with her students.

Tuition Fees

Tuition includes training fees, course manual, and shared accommodation & food during the weekend retreat at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre in Whistler, BC.

Flexible payment schedule with interest free payment plans available.

Cost for this program is $3,200 plus $160 GST= $3,360.00

Required textbooks will be purchased by the student and will be approximately $100, easily available at Indigo or Amazon. A list will be provided closer to program start date.

Payment options

$3,200 one time payment, save $160
4 payments of $840.00
6 payments of $560.00
8 payments of $420.00

Fees are due in their entirety by April 3, 2020. If not paying in full at time of acceptance, a payment plan will be created so that payments are made up until that date.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 must be paid within 24 hours of acceptance to reserve your spot. This $500 will be applied toward the total tuition (it is not in addition to the tuition).


OR Download Registration Form

Please copy and paste this entire document (2 pages, all 8 questions) either into a new Word document, or directly into a new email and answer as thoroughly as you can.



Saturday 5th 1pm-6:30pm
Sunday 6th 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 7th 6-9pm
Off for Thanksgiving weekend
Monday 14th 4:30-9pm
Sunday 20th 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 21st 6-9pm: Mark Finch Anatomy Trains
Saturday 26th 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 28th 4:30-6pm


Sunday 3rd 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 4th 6pm-9pm
Saturday 9th 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 11th 9am-5pm full day: Tensegrity workshop
Sunday 17th 1pm-6:30pm
Saturday 23rd 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 25th 6-9pm


Monday 2nd 6-9pm
Sunday 8th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #1
Monday 9th 6-9pm
Saturday 14th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #2



Saturday 25th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #3
Sunday 26th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #4
Monday 27th 6-9pm


Saturday 1st 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #5&6
Monday 3rd 6-9pm
Sunday 9th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #7&8
Monday 10th 6-9pm
Saturday 15th 1pm-6:30pm
Monday 17th 9-5pm full day / Practicum #9&10
Sunday 23rd 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #11
Saturday 29th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #12

MARCH 2020

Monday 2nd 6-9pm
Saturday 7th 1pm-6:30pm
Sunday 8th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #13
Saturday 14th 1pm-6:30pm / Practicum #14
Sunday 15th 1pm-6:30pm


APRIL 2020

April 10th-12th Closing Retreat Friday to Sunday at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler, BC

Food and shared accommodation included in tuition

Course Materials

The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele
Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit: A Return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi
The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling by Stephen Cope

Be Aware
of the Great Matter
of Life and Death
Life Passes Swiftly
Wake up
Wake up
Do Not Waste
this Life