Vijnana Based & Restorative Yoga
Yoga Therapist

Swan is the founder and director of The Path Yoga Centre in Vancouver. She draws on over 25 years of studies in Western and Eastern practices and philosophies. 
Swan’s teachings of Yoga and Meditation over the last 20 years have created a strong learning environment for her students to study a well rounded practice of the anatomical, the mental and the spiritual realms of practice.

Swan is passionate about integrating Mindfulness practice into her teachings and understands meditation as the ground out of which Yoga arises. Her teachings of the asana practice integrate the application of tensegrity, which evokes ease and stillness in the movement.

Swan’s most influential teachers and mentors include Donna Farhi, Gioia Irwin, Reggie Ray, Thomas Myers, Thich Nhat Hanh and Adayashanti. Swan teaches studio classes and maintains a busy yoga therapy practice in Vancouver.

Private Sessions with Swan

Nevāh (Wendy) Eyton

Restorative Yoga

Nevāh is a Body Centred Therapist who has been actively teaching and facilitating Private Practice, Group Classes, Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification Training & Mentoring Programs for the last decade.

Teaching the art of slowing down, naturally surrendering to the innate intelligence of the body, is Nevāh’s passion and life’s work. Deeply influenced by her comprehensive studies in body centred therapies including Restorative Yoga, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as the integration of the Hakomi experiential psychotherapy principles & techniques – providing her with extensive knowledge in Self Regulation and Integration through the Nervous System.

Her approach is inspired by the subtle nature of practice, offering a deep space to listen within.

Nevāh teaches both group and private practice at The Path Yoga Centre.  

Private Sessions with Nevah

Diana Batts

Hatha Yoga

The Path is a very special place to practice. The classes are small and there are lots of props and space to use the walls to help align and modify and allow the body to move deeper into poses. The length of the classes mean that we don’t need to rush. Sometimes we flow with the breath but often we hold poses finding alignment and giving the body time to open, strengthen and fully benefit. With a slower quiet practice we can find the right modifications for every body, to manage injuries and conditions that manifest during our lives. I have been teaching for nine years and practicing for twenty. This practice will leave you calm, relaxed and bring you into your body as you open and strength.

These classes are suitable for all levels and those who wish to enjoy the benefits of both complementary forms of yoga: a balance between the practice of movement and stillness. Diana encourages students to practice with an open enquiring mind in a safe and supportive environment.

Erin Murphy


Erin Murphy’s interest in movement and dance began at age 5. She danced in Vancouver at Arts Umbrella’s Professional Program and in Ballet B.C.’s Mentor Program. Her dance career took her to Montreal and then to New York City. While in New York, Erin began to study Pilates and loved the strength, energy and movement it gave her.

Erin completed her teacher training in Pilates at The Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and subsequently graduated from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Advanced Program in 2004 in Boulder, CO. In 2011 she also completed The Pilates Center Teacher Training Master’s Program.

Erin is passionate about sharing the profound benefits of Pilates and inspires her clients to take what they learn in their lessons into their everyday lives. She challenges her students to safely push their physical and mental boundaries, to feel strength, freedom and confidence in their bodies.

Erin is excited to be returning to teaching after giving birth to her daughter Isabella in the summer of 2010.

Kim Frank

Vijnana Based

Kim comes to yoga after a long career as a contemporary dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. What attracts her to The Path is its’ exquisite combination of intelligent physical practice, with the understanding that our work on the mat has profound implications in our larger lives.

Kim’s approach to yoga integrates her life-long study of the movement arts including: Body-Mind Centering, massage therapy, Tai Chi and Alexander technique.  Her classes combine mindfulness with a  fluid movement practice and precise attention to anatomical detail.  

Over the years Kim has used her personal yoga practice to recover from thyroid cancer, heal injuries sustained over a 20 year dance career and survive parenthood!  She is deeply devoted to The Path as a sacred place of growth, joy and healing.

Lisa Montesi

Vijnana Based

My Yoga Wish List…

Practice in a community of yogis who share a common vision
To be challenged physically
To have a cocoon for my meditation practice
To explore alignment and develop an understanding of physical support in a kinetic way
To practice in such a way that is sustainable and is pain free
Teachers who allow for the space to explore
That is what I have found at The Path

Renee Turner

Vijnana, Hatha

Renee’s unique, inclusive style allows everyone to find enjoyment from their practice. With a background in kinesiology and public health, Renee places a large emphasis on the importance of alignment, injury prevention, stress relief and wellness – mind, body and heart. She is passionate about integrating the benefits of yoga into daily life and feels that yoga is simple – yoga creates peace and peace creates happiness. Her hope is that when her students leave the class, they carry with them a sense of peace and openness from their mat into their world.

She feels The Path is a sacred space to practice the integration of yoga and gratitude. Renee is honoured and forever grateful to be a part of The Path’s community, both as a teacher and as a student.

Tim Cyr

Restorative Yoga
500hr Yoga Diploma, Reiki Master, Mediation Coach

Healing begins at the heart and, through Tim’s subtle, yet expansive, approaches of connecting this “heart energy” and the beautiful art of slow Restorative Yoga, he utilizes the connections of energy, restoration and meditation to bring balance to mind-body-spirit. Trained in Reiki healing, mediation, reflexology, Ho’omanaloa (Hawaiian energy healing), restorative / yin / classic hatha / laughter / kids / prenatal (and ever growing) styles of yoga therapy… Tim’s connection to healing allows and invites a deeper relationship of one’s personal growth and wholeness in the practice of “living life”.

Living with allergies, arthritis, injuries and past deafness Tim understands some of the complexities human life can encompass. His approach of “less is more” is intertwined within the gentle forms of yoga he shares — listening and allowing the body and mind to soften, conscious healing can begin. Opening up a more integrative connection between the physical and energetic pathways through honouring the body and life-style we actively choose to live in.

“Knowingly and unknowingly we are constantly reminded of our own unique awareness… in this very moment we have the opportunity to cultivate this awareness further and share it within a conscious community through the deliberate practice of living.”