Vijnana Based & Restorative Yoga
Yoga Therapist

Swan is the founder and director of The Path Yoga Centre in Vancouver. She draws on over 25 years of studies in Western and Eastern practices and philosophies. 
Swan’s teachings of Yoga and Meditation over the last 20 years have created a strong learning environment for her students to study a well rounded practice of the anatomical, the mental and the spiritual realms of practice.

Swan is passionate about integrating Mindfulness practice into her teachings and understands meditation as the ground out of which Yoga arises. Her teachings of the asana practice integrate the application of tensegrity, which evokes ease and stillness in the movement.

Swan’s most influential teachers and mentors include Donna Farhi, Gioia Irwin, Reggie Ray, Thomas Myers, Thich Nhat Hanh and Adayashanti. Swan teaches studio classes and maintains a busy yoga therapy practice in Vancouver.

Private Sessions with Swan

Dominique Vincenz

RYT Vijnana Inspired

Yoga found Dominique over 10 years ago. Her first lesson with her teacher Swan was transformative. After many years of a busy life existing as a ‘human-doing’, she had become disconnected from her body. It was not until she began to practice yoga, that she understood she had lost the ability just to ‘be’. Over the years, yoga has also taught her not to take herself too seriously! A trauma-informed yoga teacher, Dominique offers students safe alignment cues, an invitation to take lessons learned on the mat out into their lives and a playful nature!

Erin Murphy


Erin Murphy’s interest in movement and dance began at age 5. She danced in Vancouver at Arts Umbrella’s Professional Program and in Ballet B.C.’s Mentor Program. Her dance career took her to Montreal and then to New York City. While in New York, Erin began to study Pilates and loved the strength, energy and movement it gave her.

Erin completed her teacher training in Pilates at The Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and subsequently graduated from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Advanced Program in 2004 in Boulder, CO. In 2011 she also completed The Pilates Center Teacher Training Master’s Program.

Erin is passionate about sharing the profound benefits of Pilates and inspires her clients to take what they learn in their lessons into their everyday lives. She challenges her students to safely push their physical and mental boundaries, to feel strength, freedom and confidence in their bodies.

Erin is excited to be returning to teaching after giving birth to her daughter Isabella in the summer of 2010.

Lisa Montesi

Vijnana Based

A deep curiosity for mind body practices had led me from strong vinyasa to gentle somatic yoga. I do not subscribe to a better practice, as each has its own beauty. I have the privilege of sharing my passion for all of these practices and perhaps shed some light along the way. It is my honour to be the guide in this exploration as they all lead to the same place, home.