Welcome to The Path Yoga Centre—we invite you to join us in sangha devoted to deep inquiry into body, mind and heart.

We at The Path are committed to inspire, facilitate and nurture your yoga practice both on and off the mat. Asana, breath and heart-centered intention form the core of our practice.

At The Path Yoga Centre asana practice is integrated with foundational practices of somatic and body centered meditation. The Path Yoga studio is rooted in the tradition of yoga yet is responsive to contemporary culture and the unique challenges of today’s students. At The Path we focus on the practice as a somatic expression of the sacred. When asana is practiced with the intention to cultivate awareness, the gifts of yoga continue to be received beyond its undeniable physical and health benefits.

Movement and stillness repeat the endless cycle of the universe contained in one body, one asana, one breath. At The Path Yoga stillness is taught as an integral part of our movement practice. Learning to be still is a powerful discipline, in a pose or in a heated moment of your life. Cultivating steadiness of mind is the root of all freedom. We recognize that the ancient root of the word yoga is “union”. To be in union with your experience is to be the embodiment of yoga.
Based in the Vijnana style, The Path Yoga offers students inclusive levels of practice from introductory to intermediate levels. Our teachers provide you with the practical methods and skills you need to develop and maintain a healthy body and mind — and to more fully realize and nurture the spirit within.