The Ground of Practice


Learn a sequence of movements designed to strengthen, tone and make more flexible and functional, the energy network of your body’s connective tissue. The intention of this series is to prepare and integrate the myofascial web in relation to your alignment of bones and joints for the optimal outcome of your asana practice.

Level I

This is a hatha class for beginners to mixed level students. Emphasis is on breath, alignment and flexibility, along with a focus on building strength and an understanding of the fundamentals.

Level II

This is a hatha class for more experienced students. As with Level I, emphasis is on breath, alignment and flexibility, along with a focus on building strength and an understanding of the fundamentals.

All Levels

Open to all levels, just work at your own pace. Modifications will be given to allow each student to gain the benefits of each posture.

Restorative Yoga

Variations of postures using support to hold the body in position. Folded blankets, bolsters, straps are a few of the props used to support the body in asanas that create profound relaxation and restoration.


Pilates mat classes focus on developing a mind-body connection, increasing one’s awareness and ability to engage the core abdominals and other essential stabilizing muscles in the body for optimal results and performance in all physical activities.

Dynamic Flow

Steady, playful practice building a safe and integrated standing flow with elements from the Tensegrity series, sun salutations, and postures. The focus is on mindful movement throughout the practice. Open to all levels.

Release & Restore

Dive deep into self-healing practices. A very gentle class blending the practices of restorative yoga, somatic movement, pranayama, and gentle hatha yoga. These practices quietly awaken and support in healing and self-awareness.

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  • July 1st – September 4th 2017

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